Kuei-Tien Chou, (周桂田), National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Chou, Kuei-Tien is director of Risk Society and Policy Research Center, College of Social Science, National Taiwan University and a professor teaching in the Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University. He is interested in the studies of risk society, globalization risk, technological decision-making, information society, modernization and East-Asia development. Currently, he engages in the climate change and energy transition research.

Cosmopolitan Approach of Trans-boundary Risk Governance in East Asia

From a theoretical discussion with varied case studies, focusing on analysis of East Asia context, this paper argues in terms of colliding and emancipating existed risk governance paradigm, only threaten by more environmental, health, technological, social security and climate disaster, it may construct a socially robust reflexivity that evokes diverse NGOs, civil groups, intellectuals (professors, university students) and art groups etc. constantly unite together. Namely, the emerging diverse, heterogeneous, trans-boundary, and cross-border sub-politic movements might be the solution to break the iron cage of authoritative expert politics in this region. Moreover, the author points out that it might be the chance to reorganize the risk individualization, re-construct civil society and challenge the state. That is, this bottom-up civil (knowledge) participatory path in East Asia style, is then enough to challenge its authoritative structure of elite governance. In other words, this might be the one of the path of cosmopolitan governance (middle range) theory by East Asia.