We are working to provide you with the feast of warm southern-Taiwan style. It will be an outdoor dinner setting at the front court of the Fong-Ping Temple, situated in Hou-Jin Community. Fong-Ping Temple worships Shennong Emperor, who has been thought to have taught the ancient Chinese not only their practices of agriculture, but also the use of herbal drugs. Fong-Ping Temple is the spiritual center supported the important environmental movement against the neighboring oil refinery in 1987. The oil refinery will shut down at the end of 2015 after 25 years of operation. We set up the dinner at the Fong-Ping Temple also to pay tribute to the effort of the community and scholars who have work many years at the front line of science interpretation, public policy and controversies.   

There will be a fancy truck to provide the best stage for performance. We have invited Lin, Sheng Xiang, a renowned folk singer, to share his music about the land and people in Taiwan. We also want to invite you to join the performance to make this banquet a memorable one. Please contact the Organizer if you have an idea. A basic audio system is available on site but not a projector.       

Outdoor dinner parties is a very common way in southern Taiwan to gather and celebrate. There will be no air-conditioning on site. We strongly encourage you to dress comfortably. It’s a party to make new friends and catch up with the old ones. Please add the banquet option when you register.